Woman Wants to Double Her Enormous Fake Breasts

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large breasts

After 12 breast augmentations which took Lacey Wildd from a 32AA to a LLL size, the 45-year-old single mother of six wants to defy the advice of doctors and the pleas of her children to go under the knife again & DOUBLE in size, her already huge breasts.
Despite being turned down for more breast surgery by a plastic surgeon who warns that it will ‘destroy’ her chest, she is undeterred and vows to seek out a surgeon who will carry out the surgery in spite of the risks involved. The surgeon said

“I carry out thousands of breast implants each years and ‘I’ve never seen implants this big. It’s dangerous and it’s not worth it. I don’t think you should do this. This will destroy your chest forever. I don’t think anyone would feel comfortable with doing this procedure.’

The weight of the QQQ breasts would be the equivalent to two car tyres and doctors have already told her that they are worried about her ribs caving in
The huge weight of her chest – each breast weighing 21 pounds – means that she has to prop pillows underneath her while driving, can barely run and only uses the back burners on her stove in case she burns her breasts while cooking.
But she declares: ‘I’m proud to be plastic.’

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